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Join this 2-day event to meet like-minded people with a passion for entrepreneurship and learning, and participate in a challenging and exciting process of ideation & business modelling!

This is a great way for you to get a boost in both confidence and skills before applying for our Startup Competition. This workshop is about identifying market needs based on your and your teammates’ daily experiences and tailoring solutions to fulfil those needs.We are all born creative and this workshop aims to unravel the full potential of your creativity while helping you understand the difference between creativity and innovation in a systematic manner. During these 2 days, you will:

  • understand the importance of teamwork when developing a business idea
  • learn how to use your strengths and passions in the ideation process
  • understand the difference between creativity and innovation
  • learn how to go from idea to business and how to build a strong business model
  • HAVE FUN (mandatory)


  • April 21-22, Iasi

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